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The Crimson Freep Fan Art

The Crimson Freep Fan Art published on 4 Comments on The Crimson Freep Fan Art

This newest piece of fan art comes from Howard Stacy the creator of the comic Pesky Gremlins. If you are unfamiliar with Howard’s comic art, I highly recommend that you visit his website. The gremlins mission in life is to create havoc with everyone’s technology. But, there is often conflict among the three Gremlins (Snafu, Fubar and Lucas) due to an often counter destructive desire to fix the very things that they should be trying to foul up. The cartoony gremlins and supporting cast exist in a highly illustrated world of beautifully rendered classic cars and backgrounds. It’s fun to visit and read Pesky Gremlins which currently updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



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