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A Comment About Comments

A Comment About Comments published on 4 Comments on A Comment About Comments

Comments are a special and significant aspect of online comics. They offer an opportunity for readers to directly interact with each other as well as the comic creators. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if newspaper comics would have had interactive commenting. It would have been amazing to have been able to interact with all of my favorites. Now I’m certainly not comparing most webcomics with the classics of the newspapers, but still, commenting is a real opportunity to add to the entertainment of reading them.

I do have one personal issue with online comic commenting. I really don’t like the “one shot” posting nature of most WordPress sites. You get one chance to write and post your comment. If you misspell a word, or your device spell corrector changes the word you actually wrote, or you omitted a word, or you realize you really had more to say, or less, after you posted your comment…tough noogies ! I always felt that there should be a “preview” feature that gave you an opportunity for editing or deleting your post. Well, there is one. It’s a plugin called Simple Comment Editing. It’s so easy to add to a WordPress site, that it’s almost hard to believe everyone doesn’t use it. We have added it to BugPudding and we hope that all our current and future commenters with enjoy and appreciate this common sense feature. To learn more, check out this article that describes the plugin Simple Comment Editing.

And a special thank you to all of you who read our comic and also to all of you who join in the fun by commenting.

Water + Pigment + Practice

Water + Pigment + Practice published on 2 Comments on Water + Pigment + Practice

Well, it’s the end of December 2017. We are 8-1/2 years into publishing BugPudding. It is still a joy to do this and hopefully there is plenty more to come. For all of you who actively read and follow our comic, Sara and I thank you for all your support and encouragement.

Some of you may know that I have been splitting some of my artistic time trying to learn to paint using watercolors. For me , it has not been easy. This is actually, according to my recollection, my third major attempt. Needless to say, the first two attempts were disappointing at best. But like most things in life, persistence is the key to success. So I’m headed down the road on try number three.

A life lesson, which I have learned, is that it always helps to put some formal structure into any process. To date, I have been working very informally and that shows in my progress. Actually, I should cut myself a break and state that I have been learning a great deal but that I am not happy with my application of that knowledge. I decided to start 2018 off on a positive note and start a new blog (actually repurpose an old blog) to chronicle my journey. I am providing a link here below. You are invited and welcomed to visit this new website as often as you wish. I call it Water + Pigment + Practice. It’s purpose is to force me to be more structured in my learning and working to become competent with watercolor painting. In the process, I will be collecting and documenting what I am learning and what I am doing. You may find it interesting and informative. Water + Pigment + Practice

Thanks, J.P.

The Crimson Freep Fan Art

The Crimson Freep Fan Art published on 4 Comments on The Crimson Freep Fan Art

This newest piece of fan art comes from Howard Stacy the creator of the comic Pesky Gremlins. If you are unfamiliar with Howard’s comic art, I highly recommend that you visit his website. The gremlins mission in life is to create havoc with everyone’s technology. But, there is often conflict among the three Gremlins (Snafu, Fubar and Lucas) due to an often counter destructive desire to fix the very things that they should be trying to foul up. The cartoony gremlins and supporting cast exist in a highly illustrated world of beautifully rendered classic cars and backgrounds. It’s fun to visit and read Pesky Gremlins which currently updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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