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About The Comic

BugPudding is about a community located in Lake Tuberville Georgia, inhabited by different kinds of bugs, critters and plants. The comic strip follows the dreams, activities and  interactions of the group as they just live normal types of  lives. The term “Bug Pudding” comes from a rather graphical description of the stuff you sometimes have to scrape off your windshield. It is the result of a bug not paying attention while traveling down the highway of experience and running into the oncoming automobile of  life. There often is a “splattering” of truth in the Bug Pudding stories, but mostly we try to be entertaining for all ages from 6 to 60. It is family friendly for all ages.

The comic is intended to bring a smile, occasionally a laugh and to be first and foremost entertaining. It also is written to be followed as a series of continuous stories. So although it is presented in small hopefully easy to digest slices, each strip is intended to be part of a larger offering. I hope you will find it fun to read and follow. There are also 3 BugPudding compiled books available in our store. Each book contains two complete Pudding stories and a Behind the Scenes bonus section.

Below are a couple of early attempts before Bug Pudding was ready for prime time. In this first early strip the snail character was originally named Cyril and doesn’t look at all like Bentley in the actual comic.

pre-production early attempt

In this next “rejected attempt” we see that the snail character still isn’t our old pal Bentley yet, but he’s getting closer. Of course the whole digital painted look is not yet even used in either of these “tests”.

pre-production-attempt 2

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