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Non Scents

Non Scents published on No Comments on Non Scents

In case you arrived late to the party: Monroe has managed to eat so many double chocolate fudge sundaes, that he has gotten too fat to fit into his turtle shell. Bentley and Splunker hired Skratch and Rockford to be personal trainers for their friend. Monroe ran away and recently encountered a turkey, who was trying to not be eaten for the holidays. He also took his turn as Mr Xmas and entered the New Year resolved to lose his extra weight. It was not unexpected that his neighbors would take an interest as the frogs and house plants formed a for-profit weight-loss consulting service aptly named Louie’s Losers. Monroe bought an old bourbon whiskey barrel from the frogs as a weight loss aid. Splunker and Bentley found Monroe passed out drunk from the fumes. An angry chase resulted and Monroe succeeded in losing enough weight to get back into his shell. It turns out that the old bourbon barrel was stolen from Abe Mite’s personal collection. The bug is really pissed. Abe vows revenge on the frogs. Abe hires Chester to convince the house plants to help fleece the frogs. The frogs smell a trap and plan a counter sting. Dr Beauregard is waiting in the wings to snatch them all up in a nutty net of deceit. Which leads us to the start of Chapter Four : Non Scents.

The Crimson Freep Fan Art

The Crimson Freep Fan Art published on 4 Comments on The Crimson Freep Fan Art

This newest piece of fan art comes from Howard Stacy the creator of the comic Pesky Gremlins. If you are unfamiliar with Howard’s comic art, I highly recommend that you visit his website. The gremlins mission in life is to create havoc with everyone’s technology. But, there is often conflict among the three Gremlins (Snafu, Fubar and Lucas) due to an often counter destructive desire to fix the very things that they should be trying to foul up. The cartoony gremlins and supporting cast exist in a highly illustrated world of beautifully rendered classic cars and backgrounds. It’s fun to visit and read Pesky Gremlins which currently updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Splunker Meets Carl

Splunker Meets Carl published on 2 Comments on Splunker Meets Carl

We rarely ever get fan art, although drive by cup cake assaults do seem to be on the rise in Lake Tuberville, so Sara and I were particularly pleased to receive a piece of art from the talented P.J. Day, creator of one of our favorite online comics, Flatt Bear. It arrived via e-mail with the following attached message ” J.P.  I had actually sketched this up a while back when you did that storyline with Splunker and his identity crisis.  I envisioned a meet between him and Carl since Splunker was being mistaken for being a snake.  I inked this up this weekend and thought you might like it. P.J.”

As I said , we are big fans of Flatt Bear, which in case you haven’t already become a regular reader, we highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and start reading it today. Here is how P.J. describes the strip: “Flatt Bear is a comic strip that takes place at the Flatt Bear lodge.  A converted old rail station, it’s a place where people come from all over to get away from it all.  This is where we find Duffy, a misdirected and misguided bear who has found himself here through the witness protection program.  He meets up with a unique collection of characters who are all trying their best to keep you entertained while not getting downsized or outsourced.” The only thing I could possibly add to that description is to say that Duffy is a one of kind bag of fur and fun. And situations just seem to explode out of control regularly. But don’t take my word for it. Go start reading the comic, now, you will be glad you did.



Thanks P.J.

Answering The ALS Challenge

Answering The ALS Challenge published on 6 Comments on Answering The ALS Challenge

Having received an ALS Ice Bucket Comic Challenge from Rich Lauzon, who does the wonderful fantasy comic Space Pest Removal , I turned to my favorite pair of comic rivals, Agile Bug and Dr. Beauregard Squirrel (AKA The Prince),  to help me out. Agile wanted to use flaming bricks but was eventually convinced to give his favorite villain a really cold wetting. If you enjoy this comic please take a moment and join myself and many other comic artists in making a donation to support this worthy cause at the Beat Feet for ALS website.   And just to keep the buckets flowing, I am passing the challenge along to my daughter Rachel @LastRes0rt who does the extremely popular Sci-Fi comic LastRes0rt and to my dear friend Michael Phelps @BlueNo7 who does the situational and often historical comic Life On 66 .   Michael’s response is here.



A larger version of the comic can be seen on our FaceBook page.

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