Alabama Bones

Bug Pudding

Mar 26

Alabama Bones

Today starts our 12th new adventure and it’s titled “Bone Of Contention”.  Agile is just itching to go hunting for dinosaur bones and fame and fortune, We can only imagine how deadly the bug will be using a bullwhip .

Aug 28

Answering The ALS Challenge

Having received an ALS Ice Bucket Comic Challenge from Rich Lauzon, who does the wonderful fantasy comic Space Pest Removal , I turned to my favorite pair of comic rivals, Agile Bug and Dr. Beauregard Squirrel (AKA The Prince),  to help me out. Agile wanted to use flaming bricks but was eventually convinced to give his favorite villain a really cold wetting. If you enjoy this comic please take a moment and join myself and many other comic artists in making a donation to support this worthy cause at the Beat Feet for ALS website.   And just to keep the buckets flowing, I am passing the challenge along to my daughter Rachel @LastRes0rt who does the extremely popular Sci-Fi comic LastRes0rt and to my dear friend Michael Phelps @BlueNo7 who does the situational and often historical comic Life On 66 .   Michael’s response is here.



A larger version of the comic can be seen on our FaceBook page.

Sep 10

Tim Green Fan Art

Here is a wonderful piece of fan art submitted by cartoonist Tim Green of  Vinnie Vampire  fame.

I’m a big fan of Tim’s comic work and I really appreciate his sending this to me totally unsolicited. I love getting fan art and hope this will encourage others to send me drawings, sketches, or their versions of the characters or strips.

Anyone can do fan art. You draw it and send it to me and I’ll post your art on my newly established Fan Art  page. (see my contact info below)

Tim Green Fan Art Panel

Click on this panel to view the full fan art strip submitted by Tim Green

I recently got the chance to meet Tim in person at DragonCon and it was really a pleasure. Vinnie Vampire is a really fun comic about the lives of a family of vampires. Vinnie lives with his mom, sister Sunny and his Vampa (grandfather). Nothing could be more humorous than a teenage vampire trying to survive in the real world. Vinnie goes to school has meaningless humiliating jobs and is always being pestered by his little sister, Sunny. The life of the undead is anything but easy, but always entertaining.


Tim Green – Vinnie Vampire Cartoonist

Here is my contact info for sending in fan art.


Mar 31

Southern Fried Inkslingers Podcast

SFI Podcast

SFI Podcast

Rachel, @LastRes0rt ,and I recorded the Southern Fried Inkslingers Podcast on March 6th. It was really fun doing the show with Walter, @anakronistical, and Brad, @Brad_Joyc3. We hope you will make time to listen to it, and I suspect that you will enjoy it almost as much as we did in doing it. We talk about the comics a little, and doing conventions a lot. As always a few insights slip through all the insanity.


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Aug 14

WebComic Beacon Interview

My daughter Rachel, who does the comic Last Res0rt, and I recently did an interview for the WebComic Beacon. Here is a link to that podcast. We hope you will enjoy it.