Time To Stand Or Fall
Apr 15

Time To Stand Or Fall

I don’t think that Monroe’s current plan to “paper train” Dr “B” is going to work. Somehow when confronting an evil villain the hero needs to arm himself with a more suitable weapon. Monroe hasn’t had a lot of practice at being the hero but hopefully by next Tuesday he will start to figure it out.

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Monroe has reached the end of his rope and has decided to stand or fall defending himself. He must summon up all his courage and face his worst nightmare.

Panel 1
There comes a time to throw caution to the wind and make a stand. I must seriously confront this evil.

Panel 2
I need to turn my entire body into a lethal weapon. Fists and feet of fury.

Panel 3
Perhaps I need to find a more suitable weapon …. a gun, a knife, a rope, a lead pipe or a candle stick. There must be something around here that I can use to defend myself?

Panel 4
Nothing but an old newspaper….bad squirrel BAD squirrel.