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Christmas Tree Safety Tip

Christmas Tree Safety Tip published on 4 Comments on Christmas Tree Safety Tip

Seasons Greetings from all us critters in Lake Tuberville to all of you critters out yonder. The regular story will continue next Tuesday Dec. 27th. As a public service to all Xmas tree decorators, always avoid hanging Rockford from the top of your tree . He’s known to get a bit tipsy this time of… Continue reading Christmas Tree Safety Tip

Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’

Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’ published on 7 Comments on Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’

Thanksgiving Day is a day to be grateful not only for what we have, but also our family, our friends and for the people who have blessed and enriched our lives . In the community of webcomics, we lost a dear friend this past week, Bo Lumpkin. I have created a Tribute To Bo Lumpkin over… Continue reading Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’