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Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’

Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’ published on 7 Comments on Been Thinkin’ And Rememberin’

Thanksgiving Day is a day to be grateful not only for what we have, but also our family, our friends and for the people who have blessed and enriched our lives .

In the community of webcomics, we lost a dear friend this past week, Bo Lumpkin. I have created a Tribute To Bo Lumpkin over on my Bristol Board and Ink blog. I hope you will enjoy it, both in recalling some memories of Bo and also as a reference source to much of the vast creative work of this wonderful man. Bo Lumpkin was actually a nom de plume as well as a performance character and in my tribute article, I speculate on why Rev. Tommie L. Joiner (AKA Bo Lumpkin) chose to create this persona.

I thought about various ways to create a tribute comic for Bo, but in the end, I think Bo loved the critters of Lake Tuberville almost as much as they loved him. So as usual, I just documented how they have been feeling lately. 

Next Tuesday, we will return to and continue our current adventure The Wish Bone.

Please don’t forget to also visit our Bristol Board and Ink blog and read:

A Tribute To Bo Lumpkin  


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