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Answering The ALS Challenge

Answering The ALS Challenge published on 6 Comments on Answering The ALS Challenge

Having received an ALS Ice Bucket Comic Challenge from Rich Lauzon, who does the wonderful fantasy comic Space Pest Removal , I turned to my favorite pair of comic rivals, Agile Bug and Dr. Beauregard Squirrel (AKA The Prince),  to help me out. Agile wanted to use flaming bricks but was eventually convinced to give his favorite villain a really cold wetting. If you enjoy this comic please take a moment and join myself and many other comic artists in making a donation to support this worthy cause at the Beat Feet for ALS website.   And just to keep the buckets flowing, I am passing the challenge along to my daughter Rachel @LastRes0rt who does the extremely popular Sci-Fi comic LastRes0rt and to my dear friend Michael Phelps @BlueNo7 who does the situational and often historical comic Life On 66 .   Michael’s response is here.



A larger version of the comic can be seen on our FaceBook page.


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