A Tribute To Bo Lumpkin

This is a tribute to Rev. Tommie L. Joiner (Aka Bo Lumpkin). You can find Bo’s formal obituary located here in the Clarion Ledger online news source.

Serious Expression - Humorous Delivery
Serious Expression – Humorous Delivery


Most of us never knew or referred to Bo by his actual name. To us, he has always been his chosen persona of Bo Lumpkin. Perhaps someone will post in the comments section some historical perspective for why Bo chose to have this dual identity. I prefer to believe it was a similar reason to why Samuel Clemens was known as Mark Twain. And frankly, that seems appropriate because Mark Twain was one of Bo’s favorite writers, so much like Clemens, the Bo Lumpkin we all knew and loved was a down home humorist, writer and cartoonist, and he also was a creation. Rev. Tommie Joiner was a performance artist. That’s a fancy way of saying that he liked to act in character. Samuel Clemens appeared in character and performed as Mark Twain as well as published under that name. Rev. Tommie Joiner emulated Clemens with his Bo Lumpkin creation. And he did it so well that the majority of his online friends only “knew” him as that creation. 

I’m sure that everyone who knew Bo Lumpkin has there own favorite Bo saying or memory.  I would encourage you to write about that in the comments section of this post so it can be shared with us all.  Beyond remembering a good friend, I want to create a place where old friends can recall Bo’s wit and wisdom and provide a launching point for many new people to discover this wonderful man.

One of the first places where I came into contact with Bo was at his BlogSpot site Bo Lumpkin: Daily Redneck Humor And Good Clean Fun  . Bo abandoned this site at the beginning of 2013, but it is a treasure trove of classic Bo material and I encourage you to bookmark it and enjoy exploring its contents. To really get to know and appreciate Bo’s back home style, you’ll want to view his infomercial videos. I personally am so glad that Bo made these now more than ever, because they capture for all posterity the Mississippi man who never seemed to let adversity slow him down and who was always looking for a new way to entertain and inspire others. 

Bo Lumpkin Infomercials :

Bo Knows Gravity
Bo Knows Gravity


Bo Knows Home Security
Bo Knows Home Security


Bo Knows Duct Tape and Puppets
Bo Knows Duct Tape and Puppets


Bo and Weiner Dog Know How To Save Energy
Bo and Weiner Dog Know How To Save Energy


In 2012, Bo started two new sites : GATORHEAD Comics and I’ve Been Thinkin’ . Gatorhead is devoted primarily to Bo’s cartoons while I’ve Been Thinkin’ is mostly devoted to humorous writing and one of Bo’s more recent passions, Jewelry making. For those wishing to start at the beginning of Gatorhead Comics, here’s a link to the earliest posts.

Bo had so many humorous ideas that he wanted to express and it seemed like he was creating an endless number of characters and titles. Here is an approximate recap of Bo’s different comic titles and characters, although he was so prolific in doing these cartoons that it is impossible to say how much I’ve left out. Feel free to add information in the comments section. 

Comic Titles:

Gatorhead, Gatorhead Hospital, Creatures Of Habit, The Ladies, Couch Potato Report, Just Thinkin’, Gatorhead Bottoms, GeezerHood, KRUD-TV.

Comic Characters:

Hank The Handyman, Sarge a hounddog, Warren The Weather Wolf, Burt And Kurt, Mildred, Buster, Aunt Edna, Winston, Chester and Phil the Buzzards.

Classic Overalls and Floppy Hat - That Was Our Bo Lumpkin
Classic Overalls and Floppy Hat – That Was Our Friend Bo Lumpkin


If you are already a fan of Bo Lumpkin, then I hope this post will spark many good memories of our friend. If you’ve just been introduced to Bo Lumpkin, then I hope this post will point you toward a world of new and fond memories. Those of us in the comic and webcomic community that knew Bo, whether physically or virtually, are all far better off from that relationship and we all will miss this wonderful friend, inspiration and creator of humor. 


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12 thoughts on “A Tribute To Bo Lumpkin”

  1. Bo, was my daddy. Thank you for this tribute. My heart has truly been touched by this. He was such a funny, good hearted man. You couldn’t be around my daddy long without smiling. He would have loved this. May God Bless You

  2. I knew this special man for many years. He was my former pastor. One thing I will always remember about him is he came to you with a smile and always left with a prayer. When he left this final time he left with many praying for him and his family.

  3. Thanks for this neat tribute to my Uncle Tommie! In these pictures, he looks so much like our granddaddy. Still can’t believe he is gone, but I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt where he is!

  4. Bo was a great guy. He taught so many people over the years. His character was one who would stick with you long after he had left the room. Bo was the one that introduced me to posting my cartoons on the Internet. I thank you for writing this to show the world what a great man Bo Lumpkin was.

  5. Thanks Bugs (JP) this is a really nice tribute!
    Bo touched so many of us without even meeting him in person. What a blessing! I think his name is quietly becoming legend~ with a smile 🙂

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