DragonCon 2012

My daughter Rachel and I just completed a highly successful DragonCon 2012. Although we have attended this convention many times in the past, this was our first time exhibiting as attending artists as part of the Comics and PopArtists track. One of the things which we prepared  for DragonCon this year was the two full color banners to hang as a backdrop for our table exhibit.

Our table display was 6 feet wide, so we designed these banners to each be 3 foot wide and 8 foot tall. The printing, done from our original art, was preformed by a wonderful company called Banners On The Cheap. Their work and service was excellent and we highly recommend them. Below is a view of the exhibit just before the start of the convention.


The banners were a big hit and a great attraction and point of conversation. Rachel’s Last Res0rt banner featured a larger than life action shot of JigSaw. While my BugPudding banner is a humorous look at the effects of gravity when a comic strip is turned on its side. We both had copies of our book collections available for sale. And, we had plenty of free comic promo post cards to hand out.