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Appearances of Dalton a plant

Non Scents

Non Scents published on No Comments on Non Scents

In case you arrived late to the party: Monroe has managed to eat so many double chocolate fudge sundaes, that he has gotten too fat to fit into his turtle shell. Bentley and Splunker hired Skratch and Rockford to be personal trainers for their friend. Monroe ran away and recently encountered a turkey, who was trying to not be eaten for the holidays. He also took his turn as Mr Xmas and entered the New Year resolved to lose his extra weight. It was not unexpected that his neighbors would take an interest as the frogs and house plants formed a for-profit weight-loss consulting service aptly named Louie’s Losers. Monroe bought an old bourbon whiskey barrel from the frogs as a weight loss aid. Splunker and Bentley found Monroe passed out drunk from the fumes. An angry chase resulted and Monroe succeeded in losing enough weight to get back into his shell. It turns out that the old bourbon barrel was stolen from Abe Mite’s personal collection. The bug is really pissed. Abe vows revenge on the frogs. Abe hires Chester to convince the house plants to help fleece the frogs. The frogs smell a trap and plan a counter sting. Dr Beauregard is waiting in the wings to snatch them all up in a nutty net of deceit. Which leads us to the start of Chapter Four : Non Scents.

Better Than Smoked Ham

Better Than Smoked Ham published on 8 Comments on Better Than Smoked Ham

An epic quadruple double cross deserves a show tune launching. NOTE: Our deep and profound apologies to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II .   Song Reference  ” There Is Nothing Like A Dame “

Casting The Lure

Casting The Lure published on 8 Comments on Casting The Lure

Oh what silky webs we weave when our goal is to deceive. NOTE: In case you are getting lost in this devilishly devious plot : The frogs appropriated Abe Bug’s bourbon barrel to sell to Monroe as an exercise aid. Abe desiring revenge, turns to his fellow bugs for ideas, but when he comes up dry , he appears to have hired Chester and Dr Beauregard to assist in scamming the frogs. Chester puts the ball in motion by recruiting the house plants as pawns in the con game. The plants feel that they got stiffed by the frogs when they didn’t get a share of the profits from the sale of the bourbon barrel. Doc following Chester’s suggestion is casting the bait out for a Lottery Scam. It appears that Louie is about to nibble. All this, because Monroe got fat from eating too much double chocolate ice cream late at night.

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