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Getting Familiar

Getting Familiar published on 6 Comments on Getting Familiar

Getting to know the characters of Bug Pudding will hopefully be as much fun for you guys as it is for me. I plan on introducing them a few at a time beginning with Bentley the snail and Monroe the turtle. I’ve been working with these guys for a while now and they are still evolving as I get more familiar with drawing them.

Bently Head Turn
Bentley Head Turn

Above are some expression views that I drew of Bentley. He is actually the evolution of a snail character which I began drawing in 1983, and just like me, he looks a lot different these days. In these sketches he’s missing his very expressive feelers. I actually only like to draw feelers and bug antennas when I’m finishing up a pose.  I like to try to catch the feelings of the moment in them. (no pun intended)

Monroe Not Happy
Monroe Is Not Happy

Here is a sketch of a close up of poor old Monroe. He is not a happy camper these days with having to vacate his shell due to the summer heat and his unwelcome new neighbors down at the lake. I have to confess that I love drawing Monroe when his is down and out like this. He is sure a funny old geezer.

I hope you enjoyed this quick peek into my behind the scenes sketching and I also hope that you will stick around and get more familiar with the other members of the Bug Pudding cast as they begin to appear over time in future strips.

Turning Green

Turning Green published on 2 Comments on Turning Green

Welcome to Tuberville, the home of Bug Pudding. Things are heating up, which is usual for the summer time in Georgia, but there is something new going on as well. Monroe’s favorite summer place, the cool waters down at the lake, has been invaded by bull frogs and things are definitely not right. Just follow your nose and enjoy the story.

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